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I've Been Really Busy Being Dead by MicroGalaxies I've Been Really Busy Being Dead by MicroGalaxies
"you know......after you murdered me!

Wow, my brain kicked into art mode.
This was the outcome of a anatomy practice sketch, then my collector's edition Portal 2 soundtrack came on with "Some Assembly Required", "Your Precious Moon", "You Will Be Perfect",and "Science Is Fun".
Bam. Instant GLaDOS.
This version of her has a lot of symbolic meaning. For example: I drew her with a few robotic parts with wiring which resembles that (SPOILER ALERT) she's Caroline and GLaDOs,both human and robot. She is purposely missing her robotic hand and part of her neck has been removed of flesh to resemble the state of the laboratory in Portal 2- overgrown with vegetation, old, breaking down, and all-around dead. Her labcoat, hair, and skin are either gray/silver,white, or a darkened pale skin tone, which represents her white "head" and other body parts as a full-on robot in the game. The same with her dark gray Aperture dress, which represents the dark gray parts of her robotic body. The list goes on and on.

Critiques are gladly accepted, but there is a difference between critiquing and flaming!

GLaDOS and Portal 2 are copyright Valve
Wow, for some reason I can't get this image out of my mind...That's why you get all stars for impact :) I don't watch the shows you listed in the description so this might not be what you wanted :( I like the symbol on her dress, it gave a haunting feeling to the character. For the hair, try using a thinner brush and differentiating the different brush strokes, instead of using black you might want to use gray because you don't want too much attention to be drawn to the hair strands you drawn. You might also want to correct her left knee the next time you drawn but I have a feeling you want her to look a little alien...What software did you use the create this? You have an interesting way of shading I have a feeling you used the smudge tool for this... But the shading somehow fits in with this drawing. Feel free to request for more critique if you aren't happy with this one...
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December 9, 2012
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